Hi there! I’m Kellyanne, the face and voice behind Gypsy Liz. I grew up amongst the almond orchards in beautiful Bakersfield, California; about an hour or so north of Los Angeles (yes, I realize how Californian this sounds to describe distance in time…)


I’ve hopped between various careers since landing a job at 15, but spent most of my professional career in technology. I wore hats of every size and shape for six years at an international educational technology company but spent the majority of my time bridging together the worlds of marketing and technology. My life was surrounded by tradeshows and emails and newsletters and coding. It was great — but I needed something more. After a few annual vacation trips that were never long enough and left me yearning for more, I mustered up the courage to leave my full time job and spend all of 2015 traveling. I landed in Madrid and spent about a month in 11 different countries. Best. Decision. Ever.

Each country was so unique and so inspiring. I couldn’t get enough. I’ve never really thought of myself as a tourist, more of a traveller with too short of a vacation period, but this transformed me into a local, if only for a few weeks. I didn’t have to see the main tourist sites; I didn’t have to visit a new city every two days — I just had to find the best coffee shop and best hidden secrets in every town.

Since then, after a short stint back in California as a travel agent (and realized that I am definitely not a full-time desk job person, even if I do talk about my passions all day), I moved to New York City. Nowadays, my schedule and work projects ebb and flow as I desire. I spend most of my time at an Australian-inspired coffee shop in Midtown playing with coffee (and Vegemite) and the rest of the time fueling my hobbies and website design aspirations with coffee in hand. Traveling and exploring will forever be my passions — whether its to remote corners of the world or off the 6-line subway stop in the Bronx.

I hope this site helps you attain your dreams and desires of exploring the world around us — and exploring different sides of yourself through new experiences.

Why Gypsy Liz?

I’ve been a dreamer my whole life (shameless INFP here); day dreaming of foreign languages, traditions, heritages, food, and lands outside of my hometown. My great grandma, Ruth Cleugh, was a life-long traveler and my childhood was filled with stories from her travels and spontaneity.

At 82 — widowed and strong-willed as ever — she packed her bags and traveled solo to eastern Europe. Her novel Gypsy Liz was the epitome of a pre-Internet travelogue that documented her thoughts, encounters, and excitement during the early 1970s. I hope to capture a glimmer of her style and adventurous nature through my travels and site.

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